Mother's Day Gifts: For The Plant Lover

by Vicky Hurst
bunch of pink flowers

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for many of us, the dreaded job of trying to find the perfect present is right around the corner. Of course, it is not that we don’t want to give our mums a special treat, but finding a gift that shows your appreciation can be quite tricky. After all, we put a lot of pressure on finding a Mother’s Day gift that they will love, will actually use, appreciate and convey how much we love, respect and appreciate everything they have done for us. That sounds like a tall order, right? 

Well, we are here to help you at Plants By Post. We have put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gifting guide ideal for mums with a green thumb! Read our gift guide today, and don’t hesitate to explore our collection of Mother’s Day plant gifts also available. 

Say it With Flowers

When shopping for Mother’s Day, one essential item on everyone’s list is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is a classic choice and one that your mum will surely appreciate the simplicity of. Still, giving the same supermarket arrangement year after year can be dull. So how can you elevate something as simple as flowers this Mother’s Day? 

Choose a beautiful rose plant gift your mum can nurture and watch bloom, just as she did with her children. This is the perfect option for plants for Mother’s Day that gives your mum something more than just a bouquet that won’t last beyond a couple of weeks. Instead, why not give your mum our ‘Mum in a Million’ rose pot? This means she can love and nurture the plant and watch it flourish into a rose bush in her garden, which she can appreciate for years. 

Each nursery pot has everything your mum needs to grow a beautiful pink shrub rose bush. The sense of achievement she will feel when the buds begin to bloom will be an extra gift in itself. Plus, the pink roses symbolise love, joy and adoration, all of the emotions you want to convey to your mum this Mother’s Day.

Style to Elevate Her Home

If you’re in tune with your mum’s sense of interior home style, why not give her something she can proudly display forever? At Plants By Post, we understand that anyone who loves greenery and plant life is someone who appreciates a natural aesthetic. This is why we are pleased to offer a collection of metal artwork that makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. 

Whether hung inside or outside, metal artwork will elevate any space and give your mum a little reminder of you every time she admires it. We love the Flower In a Vase metal art design for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and we think a real plant in a beautiful pot perfectly accompanies it. 

Something Sweet Like Her

If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a sweet treat that any mum will be happy to receive. A box of truffles or a bar of decadent chocolate is essential for Mother’s Day and makes the perfect accompaniment for any Mother’s Day bundle. 

At Plants By Post, we are proud to offer a selection of accompanying chocolate gifts from Love Cocoa. Founded by James Cadbury, a descendant of John Cadbury himself, you can be sure you’re choosing a delicious and beautifully packaged treat for your mum to enjoy. 

Fill Her Home with Life 

Have all your mum’s children flown the nest? Fill her home with life once again with a beautiful potted plant for Mother’s Day. In our collection, you can find stylish pots and containers suitable for both indoors and outdoors that make every space a beautiful landscape. From colourful flowering plants to fragrant lavender pots, you can find a plant your mum will love in this selection.

This is also the gift that keeps on giving, as not only will your mum receive a gorgeous plant she can care for and help flourish. She will also love the decorative pot your chosen plant arrives in, with options including vintage watering cans, milk churns and barrels, among many more options. You can also explore more indoor plants for more options to fill your mum’s home with colour and vibrancy this Mother’s Day. 

Something For the Candle Lover 

Does your mum love the sweet smells of flowers and plants and how they fill her home? Ensure she has those fresh scents in every area of the home with a selection of beautifully fragrant candles and room mists from our collection. Available in classic fragrances, like fresh lavenders and cut roses, this collection has options to suit every preference. A lit candle in the corner of the room or a spritz of these room mists is enough to ensure any room your mum walks in will be filled with her favourite flower and plant scents. 

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we hope we have helped you to feel more prepared for the special occasion. We’re pleased to be a one-stop shop for buying beautifully presented and thoughtfully chosen presents, especially for the mother figures in your life. So, whether you’re shopping for your mum, step-parent, grandmother, auntie or sister, you will surely find the perfect gift here. 

Plus, don’t forget to explore our entire Mother’s Day Plant Gift collection for even more inspiration on what to gift your mum. Order the gifts you think she will love today and enjoy convenient Mother’s Day plants delivered directly to her doorstep. 


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