Pet Friendly Houseplants: A Safe Haven for Your Furry Friends

by Vicky Hurst
pet friendly plants

Creating a pet friendly indoor garden is a delightful way to enjoy the beauty and benefits of plants while ensuring the safety of your furry friends. This expanded guide will delve deeper into selecting pet-safe houseplants, inspired by various sources, and highlight some products available from Plants by Post.

Why Choose Pet-Safe Plants?

Many common houseplants can be toxic to pets, causing symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, and more. Whether you are looking for cat friendly houseplants or safe houseplants for dogs, it is important to get the right ones, to create a safe environment for your pets.  It's crucial to choose plants that are non-toxic to them. 

pet friendly plants

Understanding Plant Toxicity To Pets

It's important to understand why certain plants are toxic to pets. Many plants contain natural chemicals that can be harmful if ingested by animals. Researching each plant before bringing it into your home is crucial for your pet safety. Websites like ASPCA, Animal Emergency Service and VCA Animal Hospitals offer great insights into pet-friendly plants and the ones to avoid.

Creating a Pet Friendly Oasis with Plants by Post

Plants by Post offers a curated range of pet safe houseplants, perfect for creating a green haven in your home.  This gives you the best of both worlds, pets and plants! Their collection includes the lush Pachira Money Tree and the delicate Boston Fern, ensuring green splendor, safety and style.

pet friendly plants


Tips for a Pet Friendly Indoor Plant Garden

Placement: Keep plants out of reach if you're unsure about your pet's reaction. Use shelves or hanging planters for added safety.

Variety: Choose a mix of pet-safe plants to add diversity to your indoor garden.

Care: Regularly check your plants for signs of nibbling or damage, and keep them healthy to prevent any potential hazards.

Plants Toxic to Pets: What to Avoid

When creating a pet friendly indoor garden, it's essential to know which plants to avoid. Certain common houseplants can be harmful, even deadly, to pets if ingested. Here are some plants that are known to be toxic to pets:

peace lily

Lilies: Extremely toxic to cats, causing kidney failure.

Sago Palm: Contains cycasin, which can cause liver failure in pets.

Oleander: All parts of this plant are toxic, causing severe cardiac effects.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons: Can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially coma in pets.

Tulips and Narcissus Bulbs: The bulbs of these plants can cause digestive upset, heart problems, and convulsions.

For a more comprehensive list, visit resources like ASPCA's list of toxic plants for pets for more information.

Top Pet Friendly Indoor Plants For Your Homes

Maidenhair Fern: Loves a humid atmosphere, great for bathrooms and kitchens.

maidenhair fern

Boston Fern: An air-purifying plant that's safe for pets and adds character to any room.  They have amazing benefits for the whole household too, such as air-purification.

Boston fern

Prayer Plant: Easy to care for, looks great and is non-toxic, making it a great choice for pet owners.

prayer plant

Pachira Money Tree: Popular for its beauty and non-toxic nature, it's a sturdy choice for homes with pets.  Also a must for those looking for good luck in their home.

Pachira money tree

Additional Pet Safe House Plants to Consider

Kentia Palm: A graceful palm that's safe for pets and adds an elegant touch to any space.

Prayer Plant: Known for its striking leaf patterns and pet-friendly nature.

Banana Plant: A non-toxic, tropical plant that can bring a unique aesthetic to your home.

Engaging with Pet Friendly Plant Communities

pet friendly plants

Joining online forums, local gardening groups and dedicated groups set up for this reason, can provide additional insights into pet-friendly gardening. Sharing experiences and tips with fellow pet and plant lovers can be incredibly rewarding and informative.


Creating a pet friendly indoor garden is not only possible but also rewarding. By choosing the right plants and taking necessary precautions, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor greenery without compromising the safety of your beloved pets. Explore the pet safe houseplant range at Plants by Post and start building your pet friendly indoor plant collection today.

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