Unearth Well Being: How Gardening Cultivates Mental and Physical Health

by Andrew Smith

Does Gardening Help With Your Mental Health?

physical movement whilst gardening

As we try to pivot towards healthier lifestyles, one timeless activity stands out for its unparalleled benefits to our mind and body—gardening. In line with Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, which emphasizes "Movement: Moving for Your Mental Health," this blog explores how the physical activity involved in gardening can be a powerful tool for enhancing mental health. Whether tending to seedlings on balconies and windowsills or nurturing an expansive back garden, discover how gardening can improve your mental and physical well-being.

Why Gardening Is Good For Your Mental Health

Embrace your outside spaces as a gateway to better health. Gardening offers a unique blend of joys and benefits, serving as both solace and physical exercise. It connects us to nature and is profoundly fulfilling, aligning perfectly with this year's Mental Health Awareness Week theme.  Research demonstrates how physical movement through gardening activities can help manage stress, elevate mood and focus the brain.

planting in troughs

In 2021, research published by the RHS demonstrated that daily gardeners report well being scores that are 6.6% higher and stress levels that are 4.2% lower compared to those who do not engage in gardening. This study, which surveyed over 6,000 individuals, found a clear link between frequent gardening and notable improvements in well being, reduced stress, and increased physical activity.

The Therapeutic Powers of Gardening

The garden is a therapist and a sanctuary. Immersing yourself in gardening activities can lead to significant reductions in stress and anxiety. This is achieved through the sensory experience of handling soil, the sounds of nature, and the visual appeal of green spaces, which are known to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Moreover, gardening requires focus and attention, channeling your energies into productive tasks that yield visible rewards, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment and control.

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Physical Health Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening is surprisingly physical. It combines strength, endurance, dexterity, and flexibility, engaging different muscle groups. Regular gardening can contribute to maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Additionally, activities such as digging, planting, weeding, and pruning are excellent forms of low-impact exercise, suitable for all ages and abilities. It's also an engaging way to boost your exposure to vitamin D when gardening outdoors, which is vital for bone health and immune function.

Gardening for Everyone

a Balcony with plants on it

No garden? No problem! Gardening can be adapted to suit any living situation. For urban dwellers, container gardens or vertical plantings make excellent use of limited space. At Plants by Post, we offer a variety of container-friendly plants that thrive indoors or on balconies, making gardening accessible to everyone. Whether you’re looking to start with easy-care herbs or vibrant flowers, our selection is tailored to fit your space and lifestyle.

Sustainable Garden Practices and Well Being

Sustainability in gardening goes beyond just helping the planet—it can enhance your personal environment and wellbeing. By choosing native plants, avoiding pesticides, and using organic methods, you contribute to a healthier ecosystem. These practices ensure that your gardening not only supports local wildlife but also reduces your chemical exposure, promoting a safer and more natural environment around your home.

mulching the garden

Sending A Plant By Post To Someone In Need

Gifting a plant from Plants by Post can do more than just brighten a room; it can significantly enhance someone's mental health. A thoughtfully chosen plant can serve as a living reminder that someone cares, providing daily encouragement and a touch of nature's calm to a loved one's environment. 

Adding a personal touch through a handwritten message or a heartfelt video message can make the gift even more special, offering words of support and positivity that resonate with the recipient. 

video messaging

Such gestures are known to uplift spirits and reduce stress, fostering a sense of connection and well-being. 

This personalized approach not only nurtures relationships but also promotes a nurturing atmosphere in the recipient’s personal space, where they can enjoy the soothing benefits of their new green companion. Whether it's a lush fern, a vibrant succulent, or a small olive tree, sending a plant gift from Plants by Post is a meaningful way to show you care, contributing positively to someone's mental and emotional health.

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Step into the world of Plants By Post by subscribing. By heading to the Plants By Post homepage and subscribing to the newsletter, you will get 10% off your first order. You will also gain access to a wealth of resources, from expert gardening tips to fabulous competition entries, along with exclusive discounts and updates on the latest products and trends. It’s the perfect way for both novice and experienced gardeners to grow their skills and connect with others.

The Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening is more than just a hobby - it’s a lifestyle that enriches those who embrace it. With each plant you nurture, you sow the seeds for a healthier, happier life. Let gardening be your pathway to better health, mindfulness, and environmental stewardship. Start today, and watch as both you and your garden bloom together.

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Plants Delivered To Your Door

Now the sun is finally here, there is no better time to get gardening and bask in better mental health. Visit Plants By Post to select from top-quality plants and gardening essentials designed to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. Every plant from Plants by Post brings nature closer to you.

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