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134 products
    134 products
    Philodendron Birkin 12cm Pot
    from £16.99
    Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Extra Large 19cm White Pot
    Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) 12cm Anthracite Pisa Dot Pot
    Tradescantia Zebrina - Inch Plant 12cm Pot
    from £14.99
    Ficus Rubber Plant 12cm Pot
    from £14.99
    Chrysalidocarpus Areca Palm 17cm Pot
    Maranta Leuconeura Rabbits Foot Plant 12cm Pot
    from £7.99
    Philodendron Scandens In White Ewi Dot Ceramic Pot
    Sansevieria Shark Fin In Seagrass Basket
    Adiantum Caudatum in 12cm Bark Pot
    Alocasia Polly 12cm in Warm Grey Leaf Ceramic Pot
    Sold Out
    Terracotta Pot & Saucer Herb Collection
    Epipremnum Aureum 12cm in Modern Stripe Pot
    Hedera (Ivy) Heart Shaped 19cm Pot in Seagrass Basket

    A full collection of our houseplants.

    Houseplants have been proven to:

    • Boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.
    • Reduce your stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds.
    • Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.
    • Add life to a sterile space, give privacy and reduce noise levels.

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