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9 products
    9 products
    Houseplant Food Concentrate Westland 200ml
    Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1L
    Cacti & Succulent Food Concentrate Westland 200ml
    Citrus Food Concentrate Westland 200ml
    Tomorite Tomato Food 1.3L
    Doff Rooting Powder 75g
    Clear Glass Plant Mister
    Chrysal Leaf Shine Spray 250ml
    Boot Pull

    Once you've found your perfect plants, it's time to start taking care of them. Depending on the type, they are going to need more than the occasional drop of water. If you want them to stay looking as vibrant and healthy as possible then you need to make sure they are getting the right food, water, and sunlight.

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    We stock a range of Miracle-Gro and Westland plant food products that are tried and tested to keep your plants as healthy as possible. Our range of plant accessories and care is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flowers and foliage.

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