Fittonia Springtime 12cm Pot
Fittonia Springtime 12cm Pot
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Fittonia Springtime 12cm Pot

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Botanical Name: Fittonia verschaffeltii 

Common Names: Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant, Painted Leaf Plant, Snakeskin Plant, Silver Nerve, Painted Net Leaf

Fittonia is a remarkably pretty plant with its dark green leaves and decorative veining.  This pretty, colorful nerve plant grows wild as a ground cover in the jungles of Peru. Nerve plants do well in low or medium natural light or fluoresant lighting.  They can also do well in bright indirect light (north window plant). Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to shrivel.  The soil should be kept uniformly moist. If Fittonia dries out, it collapses. Be careful not to overwater, though. Too much water and/or poor drainage causes yellowed leaves.  This comes in a 12cm nursery pot.