Sansevieria Fernwood Punk 12cm in Decorative Pot

Sansevieria Fernwood Punk 12cm in Decorative Pot

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Botanical Name: Dracaena angolensis

Common Name: Cylindrical Snake plant

Position: Indirect Sunlight

Flowering Time: NA 

Height & Spread: NA

Minimum Temperature:12c

The slender foliage of Sansevieria ‘Fernwood’ rise upwards from the base of the plant, splaying outwards at the tips. Each leaf has an attractive snakeskin pattern making this a distinctive house plant that is instantly recognisable. Like all Sansevieria, it is extremely tough and needs very little maintenance. This versatile plant copes with most indoor conditions. Its clean lines and striking silhouette give it a modern, minimalist appearance that makes a great choice for a contemporary home.   Come sin a decorative face pot.