The Plants by Post Sustainable Gift Guide

by Vicky Hurst

brown paper gift and dried flowersGiving a gift should be thoughtful and personal, something that tells the recipient how much we care about them without having to say anything at all. So, it is no wonder that often, we struggle to find the perfect gift that ticks all of the boxes we have set for ourselves.

Luckily, we are here to help at Plants by Post!

We have created the ultimate sustainable gift guide that pulls together the inspiration you need for every occasion. From gifts that say I love you to little treasures that show you’re thinking of them, we have the perfect present in our gift collection.

Why Should Gifts be Sustainable?

Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword across the retail market as the demand for eco-friendly products increases. In fact, a recent survey found that 92% of people in the UK are concerned about sustainability in consumption habits.

So, when it comes to buying gifts, we as a nation are turning away from the generic and commercial shopping landscape and investing in presents that mean something beyond the shiny label. We want gifts that are built-to-last, reusable or recyclable.

After all, why would we gift others what we wouldn’t appreciate or buy for ourselves? You may even be buying a present for someone who takes great care with their ecological footprint, so you will need to buy a gift that suits them.

We think the answer to your problems is a plant gift!

Are Plants a Sustainable Gift?

Plants are the ultimate sustainable gift, as there is no unnecessary packaging or waste of any kind. Your loved ones can appreciate the plant for its beauty and care and tend to it to keep it thriving in their homes. Even if the plant eventually dies, it can either be composted or turned into another work of art, like a
pressed flower portrait!

We love gifting herb plants and citrus trees as your recipients can enjoy using fresh herbs and fruits in their cooking for strong and flavourful tastes. They make for a great gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, at Plants by Post, we are proud to offer eco-friendly gift wrap that ensures your present looks amazing with no guilt!

Gifts for a New Home

Moving into a new home is something to be celebrated. Whether it's a young family starting their new chapter together or even a friend moving away from their parents for the first time, it's a huge achievement.

So, of course, we want to commemorate the milestone and christen the new home with a gift. But why is it we always go straight to houseplants?

A houseplant as a new home gift is symbolic and represents the growth and change the recipient embarks on. For this reason, we recommend a Sansevieria Superba potted gift for your loved ones moving into a new home.

Otherwise known as a snake plant, this interesting plant is beautiful to look at and thought to bring good luck and energy. The snake plant’s tall, pointed leaves are considered to be sword-like and cut through any obstacles and negative energy, allowing only positivity in the home.

Romantic Gifts

Suppose you’re searching for a romantic gift for an anniversary or Valentine's day. In that case, you may feel limited to the likes of roses and other bouquets. These are beautiful gifts with a lot of meaning behind them, but you shouldn’t feel limited to always choosing the same flowers for your beloved.

Why not choose a rose plant for a romantic and sustainable gift that will last?

This popular flowering plant sprouts lovely coloured flowers and beautiful scents. The rose plant has it's roots coming from Central Asia and grows in wonderful shrubs or bushes. We think the bright red is perfect for saying ‘I love you’.

Don’t forget to add some eco-friendly pink gift wrap to your rose for the perfect finishing touch!

Gifts to say Thank You

A plant gift is a perfect way to thank someone for helping you; this could be for house-sitting while you’re on holiday, offering advice or taking care of your loved ones.

So, what better than giving them a gift they will thank you for every time they cook? By gifting a fruit, vegetable or herb plant, your loved ones can enjoy fresh ingredients that promise unbeatable taste. Plus, this helps them in their sustainability efforts, a win-win for everyone!

Consider gifting them a citrus tree or herb plant they can use in their cooking, or explore our range of orange trees  that will ensure they have fresh fruit always.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Are you feeling inspired? We hope we have given you something to think about when shopping for your next occasion so you can find a gift they will truly love and appreciate.

Remember, we have a huge selection of gifts available at Plants by Post, and there is something for everyone in our selection. Not to mention our popular Christmas gift collection that is sure to fill their home with festive joy, finished by our new eco-friendly Christmas gift wrap to tie it all together.

If you’re still stuck on what to choose for the plant lover in your life, don’t underestimate the power of a gift card that allows them to choose their own perfect present.


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