Christmas Plants | The Charm of Poinsettias, Cyclamen and Festive Planters

by Vicky Hurst
White Cyclamen in metal trough planter

Christmas Plants Delivered

Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and bringing warmth to the cold winter days. What better way to add a festive touch to your garden than with beautifully arranged plants in Christmas-themed pots and planters? Plants by Post offers a diverse range of Christmas planters and pots that are perfect for adding a touch of festive charm to any outdoor space.

Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Plants

As the festive season approaches, the allure of vibrant and lively plants becomes undeniable. Among the most cherished Christmas plants, Poinsettias and Red and White Cyclamens stand out with their colors and appeal. But there's more than just these plants to choose from with their festive appeal. Let's delve into the world of Christmas plants and explore how you can make the most of Christmas plant gift ideas this year. 

The Festive Popularity of Poinsettias Plants

Christmas Indoor Large Planted Basket with Christmas Pick

Native to Mexico, Poinsettia plants have become an integral part of Christmas celebrations in the UK, with over 2 million sold every year!
Their vibrant radiant red and green hues of the flowers add a touch of festivity to any space. Their transformation into a beloved Christmas symbol was first attributed to a touching tale of a poor girl who offered the plants as a gift at a nativity service. The plants were later popularised by American botanist Joel Roberts Poinsett during his tenure as the US ambassador to Mexico and the Poinsettia has a complicated history. Read more about how to care for your Poinsetta’s in our blog from Dr. Green Fingers.

Explore More Christmas Plants

While Poinsettias are a classic choice, there are numerous other plants that can elevate your festive decor. Check out the collections of Christmas Indoor Plant Gifts, Christmas Outdoor Plant Gifts, and Christmas Planters below to find the perfect plant for your home or as a gift for a loved one.

Indoor Christmas Plant Gifts

Red Cyclamen in metal trough planter at Plants By Post

Brighten your home this festive season with a selection of classic Christmas Indoor plant gifts from Plants by Post. Here you can explore traditional Christmas plants like poinsettias and cyclamen red flowers that bring the vibrant and merry shades of the season to life in your home. Additionally, you'll find Christmas houseplants and mini trees perfect for small spaces and apartments, ensuring even the smallest nooks and crannies of your home radiate festive cheer.

Outdoor Christmas Plant Gifts

30cm Premium Festive Planted Container in Bronze Planter at Plants By Post

Ideal Christmas gifts for those who have a penchant for gardening or simply love to decorate their outdoor spaces, Plants by Post offers a delightful range of Christmas outdoor plant gifts. These gifts are not only thoughtful but also add a touch of nature's Christmas cheer. Get a wonderful Christmas Outdoor Planted Wooden Reindeer Trough or a Hyacinth Christmas Bowl x 5 Bulbs as a gift or to treat yourself. See our selection and fill your Christmas boots!

Choose the optional festive gift wrap also on offer to make the perfect plant present even more special. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself and level up your garden or home, or searching for a Christmas plant gift for the plant lovers in your life, we have options to suit every requirement. 

Novelty Christmas Planters

Scotty Dog Christmas Planter with Red Cyclamen

Make your doorsteps, patios, and garden and indoor spaces come alive with the festive spirit using our novelty Christmas planters.  Bag yourself a cute Reindeer Face Christmas Planter With Red Cyclamen or a Scotty Dog Christmas Planter with Red Cyclamen. These planters are designed to bring the joy of the season right to your doorstep, ensuring that every visitor is greeted with a burst of festive cheer.  

Festive Hanging Baskets

Robin Christmas Hanging Basket with Red Cyclamen Gift

For those with limited garden space or those who love to utilize every nook and cranny, Plants by Post offers you these lovely Robin festive hanging baskets, with the option of planted Red or White Cyclamen. These baskets are perfect for adding a touch of Christmas magic to balconies, patios, and even indoor spaces.

Christmas Pots and Planters

20cm Festive Outdoor Santa Planter


A beautiful arrangement in Christmas pots and planters can be the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season. Plants by Post offers a collection bursting with colour and elegant festive design. From bright and bold planters designed after Father Christmas’ iconic suit to subtle Christmas Indoor Large Planted White wicker baskets with a beautiful finish, there's something for everyone. These planters, carefully arranged by experts, range from simple designs like rattan baskets to full hanging baskets in the shape of Robins.


Christmas Indoor Large Planted White Basket

See It, Wrap It, Send It

Christmas is a time for joy, celebration, and spreading love. Plants, with their vibrant hues and lively presence, can add a touch of nature's beauty to any festive decor. Whether you're looking to decorate your home, garden, or find the perfect gift for a loved one, Plants by Post offers a wide range of options to choose from. So, this festive season, let the charm of plants elevate your celebrations and spread the joy of Christmas to every corner of your home.

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