What are the Best Plants to Give as Gifts?

by Vicky Hurst

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Is your love-language gift-giving? This time-honoured tradition of giftings friends, family and loved ones a token of our love to mark special occasions is often taken for granted. Celebrations have become more focused on the most extravagant gifts, and we’re constantly trying to outdo ourselves. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect present and need gifting inspiration, you have come to the right place. We have compiled an extensive guide on why you should be giving plant gifts and advising on choosing the right plant for each occasion! 

Do you still need convincing? Keep reading to find out why a plant is a good gift. 

reasons why plants make good gifts

Is a Plant a Good Gift?

When finding the perfect gift for your friends or family, there is no better choice than a plant. When chosen with love and care and not given as an afterthought, a plant is a cherished present that anyone would love. 

But what makes it a good gift? 

The art of choosing a present your loved ones will appreciate is gifting them something useful. You might question how useful a plant can be. After all, it just sits in its pot and looks good. But did you know that plants are much more than beautiful decor? They are also good for the environment and your health. 

4 Reasons Plants Make a Good Gift

If you’re still unsure if you should shop for a plant for your next present, here are four reasons plants make the perfect gift. 

  1. Sustainable: Gifting a plant ensures you’re giving your loved one’s a present they can feel good about receiving. There are no excess packaging or waste products to go into the bin. Instead, a plant gift can be kept, loved and nurtured for years. 
  2. Good for Health: Did you know plants can positively affect our health? Different plants can help with different issues, so choosing a plant gift that suits your recipient in this respect ensures a thoughtful and appreciated present. 
  3. Influence Mood: Not only are plants good for our physical health, but they can also help us to improve mentally. Gifting a plant can ensure your loved ones stay in tune with nature and make them feel happier and calmer with the sight of green foliage. 
  4. Symbolic Gift: Finally, a plant gift is ideal for conveying a subtle and appreciated message. Choosing the right plant conveys a personal message your recipient will love and cherish. We can help you with the symbolism of your plant gift, too. Keep reading! 

What Plant to Give as a Gift?

So, gifting a plant for a special occasion or as a small token of love is an excellent idea. But choosing the right plant gift can be a minefield. We have broken down a few of our most symbolic favourites and interesting plants to help you choose a beautiful plant to give to friends, family and loved ones! 

Peace Lily Plant for Sympathy

If you’re looking for a present to let your loved ones know you’re there for them and ready to offer your support, choose a Peace Lily plant. This air-purifying plant has beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers, symbolising purity, tranquility, rebirth and innocence. This makes the Peace Lilly plant an excellent choice when wishing to convey messages of sympathy. 

Pilea Pepperomiordes for Luck

The Pilea Pepperomiordes, more commonly known as a Chinese money plant, is the perfect present for those taking steps forward in their professional life and career. As its nickname suggests, the Chinese money plant symbolises prosperity, good fortune and wealth. So, if you know a university graduate or have a friend recently promoted, gift them a Chinese money plant to wish them luck and happiness. 

Aloe Vera for Care

Due to its medicinal qualities, we constantly see skincare products featuring aloe vera as a key ingredient. But did you know it was the Egyptians who discovered the power of the aloe vera plant? Cleopatra herself cited aloe vera as the key to her flawless, beautiful skin. So, it is no wonder the aloe vera plant symbolises beauty, healing and protection. Gift this plant to someone who is a big believer in holistic healing or someone you want to show your care and love for. 

Cactus Plant for Support

There are a couple of excellent reasons why you should choose a cactus plant for a gift. Firstly, it is widely known to be a low-maintenance plant, so it’s great to gift it to a plant newbie or someone discovering their green thumb. Beyond their extraordinary resistance to drought, cacti symbolise resilience, endurance and toughness. This makes it perfect for giving to friends going through a tough time to highlight how much you admire their ability not to give up and keep fighting, no matter the circumstances. 

How to Send a Plant as a Gift

Once you have decided on the perfect plant gift for your loved ones, you likely can’t wait to present it to them. But distance and conflicting schedules can mean getting your gift to the recipient on time can be difficult. This is where we can help you at Plants by Post! 

As our name suggests, we are experts in delivering plants by post right to your doorstep. So, we are our customer’s number one choice when sending carefully picked, packed and delivered plants. Simply choose the perfect plant for your recipient, using our helpful advice on symbolism if you choose, and tell us where to send it. Sound easy? 

Explore our entire range of plant gifting options today to find the perfect present in our collection. 

How to Gift Wrap a Plant

Are you concerned that a plant doesn’t make much of a gift? We understand that it can be tempting to opt for the usual bright colours of a bouquet of flowers. But a plant is a gift to keep, nurture and love, unlike picked flowers which inevitably die after a couple of weeks. 

So, how can you dress your plant up, ready for gifting? We are pleased to offer a wide selection of gift wrap options to suit every occasion, including some eco-friendly wraps! Pick the style that suits your message best, and leave the hard work up to us. With your personal gift message also attached, we can guarantee your chosen plant will arrive looking amazing. 

Contact us today for more advice and information on our plant gifts and wrap options. 


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