531 products

    531 products
    Adiantum Fragrans Maindenhair Fern 12cm Pot
    from £9.99
    Houseplant Food Concentrate Westland 200ml
    Lucky Bamboo 3 Straight Stems In Glass Vase
    Senecio Angel Wings
    Crassula Money Plant 12cm Pot
    from £7.99
    Black Ceramic Pot
    from £2.49
    Lucky Bamboo 10 Spiral Stems 30cm Tall
    Geranium Rozanne 2L Pot
    Olive Planter 40cm - Green
    Lucky Bamboo 5 Spiral Stems 30cm Tall
    Boston Fern 17cm Pot
    from £16.99
    Stephanotis Floribunda Jasmine Hoop in Blue Leaf Pot
    Festuca Intense Blue 2L Pot
    Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix Westland 4L
    30cm Premium Autumn Planted Green Container in Olive Green Pot
    Musa Tropicana Banana 12cm Pot
    from £8.99
    Philodendron Scandens 12cm Pot
    from £7.99
    Milk Churn Tin Planter
    Sansevieria Superba 12cm Pot
    Soleirolia in 12cm Pot
    Asparagus De Sprengeri 12cm Pot
    Strelitzia Bird Of Paradise 12cm Pot
    from £14.99
    30cm Premium Autumn Planted Container in Olive Grey Pot
    2 X Cyclamen White 6 Pack (12 Plants)
    Bird Of Paradise In White Ceramic Pot
    Stephanotis Floribunda Jasmine Hoop In White Ewi Dot Ceramic Pot
    Anthurium White 12cm in Botanical Ceramic Pot
    Olive Planter 30cm - Grey
    Compost Melcourt Sylvagrow All Purpose with Added John Innes 50L
    Seasonal Outdoor Plant Subscription
    from £25.00
    Soleirolia In White Face Ceramic
    Bay Tree in 4L Pot
    Olive Planter 30cm - Green
    Sarcococca confusa Sweet Box 2L Pot
    Pineapple in Sea Grass Basket
    Pineapple Plant (Ananas) 15cm Pot
    Cactus Compost 5L Good for Succulents
    Melcourt Sylvagrow Multipurpose Peat Free Compost 50L
    Spathiphyllum Peace Lily 12cm Pot
    from £10.99
    Calocephalus Brownii 10.5cm Pot

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