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Olive Trees and Plants

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    4 products
    Olive Tree Large In Metal Bucket
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    Olive Tree 90/100cm Tall
    Olive Trees Small Matching Pair In Metal Bucket

    If you're looking to bring the Mediterranean to your back garden, look no further than our choice of olive trees and plants. They can adapt to the space made available to them, whether they're pot grown or planted, so that they will fit in any Mediterranean inspired space.

    Taking Care Of Your Olives

    Obviously, we don't share the same climate as the Mediterranean, so all of our olive trees are established and hard-wearing. This means they will be absolute in our colder climates.

    Free UK Delivery on Orders Over £60

    Bringing the Mediterranean to your garden is a budget-friendly solution to that 5-star holiday. That's why we offer free UK delivery on all orders over £60. The Plants by Post promise guarantees to handle every order with care. We aim to correct any issues as soon as possible.

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